Best Balding Clippers in 2018 Reviews


Anyone who regularly shaves their head can agree that finding the best balding clippers is an important matter. Unless you feel like wearing a hat everywhere you go, you need to stay nice and slick. Therefore, you need a superior tool for the job.

This problem can be solved with careful consideration and good research. By comparing various models side by side, we have gotten a good idea of their quality. However, there are just too many balding clippers for us to realistically compare them all. The alternative is to evaluate products on their core qualities. We have done a little bit of both.

To help with this decision, we will present a list of the most important qualities that a good set of clippers should possess. We will also provide product comparisons and reviews so you can evaluate specific products. We hope this allows you to select the best one that are truly right for you.

How to Choose the Best Balding Clippers?

First of all, don’t bother with your beard trimmer. It is certainly not the best hair buzzer for shaving your head. You need to find the best clippers for a bald head like the one you will soon possess.

You could purchase a set of small hair clippers from the local dollar store and call it a day, or you could spend a little more and go with those nice Wahl balding clippers. Either way, you need to know what qualities to look for, so you can properly evaluate any potential purchase. We have done all this work for you and have provided a list of key features you need to pay attention to.

Type of balding clippers

Portability is an important factor when selecting the best electric clippers for shaving your head. If you are the person who is always on the go from one place to another, a cordless model might be just the thing for you. However, the corded model does offer a little more convenience because you don’t have to charge the battery. Corded models also tend to be more powerful, but this is not always the case. 

Cordless balding clippers, on the other hand, are perfect for that last-minute shave in a public bathroom or a quick shave at the airport. The choice comes down to you and your needs, but if you choose to go with a cordless version, we recommend cordless, waterproof hair clippers to ensure a longer device life.

Dependability & Safety

This is an area where you can see the difference between good clippers for shaving your head, and those that merely work. We once bought a cheap set of products without a guard, and we found them to be terrible. Within a month or two, the device stopped working.

Make sure your products are backed by a good warranty and many positive reviews.

Likewise, make sure your devices have a strong guard that protects you from accidental injury. Remember, this is a set of motorized blades that are used on your face. Skimping on safety could result in big facial scars. We understand that facial scars are cool if they have a good story behind them, but this one won’t!

The Closeness Of Your Shave

Most clippers come with a set of adapters for different cutting lengths. That’s all well and good, but you don’t need those for your head. We’re going for that nice, smooth look, so we want something that will leave our chrome domes glistening in the sun.

Naturally, we want the closest-cutting hair clippers we can find. It’s hard to test this product before buying, but we can look at reviews and see the results other people have gotten. The closest-cutting clippers will produce the glorious shine and sparkle we want from a properly shaved head.

Your Motor

We also need to look at the motor of your clippers since the motor is the heart of the device. Here, it can be difficult to estimate power because there isn’t one uniform set of standards. However, a close look at the box or the manual should give you a relative idea of the product’s power. One thing to remember when choosing the best clippers to shave your head is that speed and power are two different attributes. Some brands advertise a high motor speed, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into a more powerful cut.

The motor is the most important factor to look at. Magnetic motors are cheaper but tend to be weak, and thus are not the best clippers for a bald head. For a professional head shaver, this is not satisfactory. We recommend a rotary or pivot motor, as it will deliver more slash for your cash.

The Quality Of The Blades

If our motor is the heart of our device, our blades would be akin to the hands. These are the parts which do the actual work, so make sure they are up to standards. High-quality clippers tend to have higher-quality blades, but this is obvious. Ideally, you would want a model with self-sharpening titanium blades. These are the strongest and hardest blades available, and will cut hair like a hot knife through butter. However, if you cannot afford a top-of-the-line model, you should make sure your blades are made of good-quality carbon steel. Anything less will dull quickly and require sharpening. Ever sharpened a set of hair clippers? It’s a pain.

A pair of good clippers for shaving your head must not have blades of cheap, junky steel!

Accessories & Attachments

When selecting clippers for a bald head, our requirements for accessories are much less than those of the average user. All we need is a tool and a way to power it, but we should not settle for that alone! The best clippers will come with a good waterproof case so they can be stored in a wet bathroom without fear, and of course, we need a manual. We should also receive some oil and a brush for cleaning purposes. As for the attachments for cutting length, we probably won’t need those. Unless you have a long beard, you can just put those away. For the sake of safety, our device should also have a blade guard. Not necessary, but good to have nonetheless.