Best Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin in 2018


We’re sure you’ll agree:

Shaving with a regular razor is extremely tough on your sensitive skin.

What are your options for a better shaving experience?

Electric shavers may be the answer to your prayers but there are so many options. How do you choose that special shaver?

In this article, we will arm you with the tools to find the best electric shaver for sensitive skin.

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What is the best electric shaver for sensitive skin ?

Choosing the right shaver depends on what you want. Are you only concerned with getting the best rated electric shaver on the market or do you just need a good electric razor trimmer for your mustache?

Only you can decide which shaver is the best electric razor for you.

Below are several attributes we believe a good electric shaver for sensitive skin should have.

Fast Motor

A faster, more powerful motor provides a smoother shave in less the time and with minimal effort. The chance of skin irritation is reduced dramatically.

The best electric shaver for the money should operate at 14000 cycles per minute (cpm). They provide a closer shave than rechargeable shavers at 8000 cpm.


Sharp Blades

As you know with a regular shaving razor, dull blades cause abrasions and don’t give a close shave. This same principle applies to electric shavers.

The best shaving blades for sensitive skin have sharp blades. Blade sharpness prevents the razor from pulling and tugging your hair. Thus, skin irritation is minimal, and you feel little to no pain.

Remember, electric shaver blades become dull after continuous use. When deciding  which shaver to purchase, ensure replacement blades are readily available and affordable.

Wet & Dry Shaving

There may be days you want to shave while taking a shower. The shower provides moisture to soften your skin for a smooth, closer shave. Consider waterproof electric razor options.

The best wet dry shaver normally allows you to use shaving cream or gel. Shaving cream makes shaving easier on the skin and helps provides a closer shave. Not all shavers operate with shaving gel.

Be sure to clean the shaver prior to placing the unit into the charging station. Some of the best wet dry electric shavers have problems recharging if contaminated by gel.

Flexible Head and its Temperature during Operation

Because your face has various contours, the razor blades you choose should reach all parts of your face comfortably. This feature allows you to shave quicker and more efficiently. Shavers with flexible heads are foil and rotary (will discuss further). The best 3 head electric razors are rotary, and the closest electric shaver is of the foil type.

Often, we forget to examine the blade temperature during operation when choosing a shaver. We normally discover this issue after using the shaver for an extended period of time. The heated blades or foils cause skin irritation. The top rated electric razors work diligently to prevent this from happening.

Foil or a Rotary Shaver

There are two designs of electric shavers on the market: foil and rotary. For sensitive skin, the foil variety is the common choice.

Foil Shaver

Foils are thin sheets of metal with tiny holes. Hair enters the shaver through the holes. Oscillating blades behind the foils cut the hair while moving in a back and forth motion. Foils work better on flat surfaces like the neck and check areas.


  • Gentler on skin
  • Precise shave
  • Very close shave
  • Fast shave
  • Everyday shave


  • Noisy
  • Straight line shaving
  • Limited pivoting of foils

Rotary Shaver

As the name implies, rotary shavers are round independent shaving heads. Blades work in a circular motion like a lawn mower. Rotary heads work better under the nose and chin areas. It adjusts better to the contours of your face.


  • Thick hair
  • Cuts wild hair
  • Quiet
  • Long hair
  • Rough skin


  • Not as close shave
  • Not precise
  • Causes irritation for some