Best Shaver for Pubic Area Female 

Shaving the “hair down there” can be a very sensitive activity for women and choosing the best shaver for female pubic area can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. We know how it feels to stand in the shaving aisle and stare at the sea of shavers trying to figure out which is good, so we’ve decided to do some research on what makes a good shaver for women’s sensitive areas. Here are the features, top products, and answers on the most popular questions about shavers that will help you make a choice.

What is the best shaver for the female pubic area?

Looking for the best trimmer for the female personal area will go a lot smoother if you know which features make the best razor for vagina. Just remember the area down below is sensitive, so treat it with the utmost care when shopping for the best razor for pubes. Here are features of the best bikini trimmers.

Type of Shavers

There are four types of shavers women can choose from:

  • Electric Shavers – these have round blades that are generally used for the face. They can be wet or dry, but aren’t the best choice for public hair.
  • Disposable/Reusable Razors – the best razor for women’s pubic area will have a carbide steel blade coated with titanium. They give a close, smooth cut but depends on the skill of the user and the quality of the blade.
  • Bikini Trimmers – specifically made for women’s pubic area. These devices give a very accurate trim and are especially designed to be used on delicate skin.
  • Epilators – plucks hairs from the roots and leaves skin smoother. Great for removing a large mass of hair at once.

Hair & Skin Type

Your hair and skin type will make a big difference in which tool is the best shaver for pubic hair. If your hair is thick and coarse, a bikini trimmer might not be the best pubic hair cutter. You’d save time with an epilator or electric shaver. If you have sensitive skin, an epilator may be too harsh since it generally yanks hair out by the roots. The best bikini trimmer for sensitive skin would probably be a wet shaver (see the next feature).

Wet and Dry Operations

Electric shavers can be wet, dry, or both. While both can give you a decent shave, the wet shaver is better for sensitive skin because you’ll be able to use shaving cream for sensitive skin. It can also be uncomfortable shaving on dry skin around the female pubic area. It’s also better for beginning shavers.

It’s also much easier to clean a wet shaver – just rinse it off (after you unplug it). On the other hand, it will take longer for you to do a complete shave with a wet shaver. A wet dry bikini trimmer with both options will give you the most flexibility.

Additional Characteristics

When searching for the best shaver for women’s pubic area, keep in mind many products come with a lot of different attachments for specific purposes such as eyebrows, sculpting, close shaves, and more. Some can be a waterproof bikini trimmer which will come in handy in the shower. Many electric devices also come with warranties. This may be something you want to pay attention to. In general, the better the warranty, the less likely you’ll need to use it.

Size and Shape of the Trimmer

Trimmers come in many sizes. It’s important to remember you’ll be holding this in a downward position and sometimes in awkward positions. The less bulky, the better. Small razors can prevent hand fatigue. The best electric shaver for a women’s pubic area have ergonomically shaped bodies for the same reason – preventing hand-fatigue. Opt for an ergonomically-shaped handle if the trimmer has all the other features you want.


There is a good and bad side of battery-operated shavers. They are good razors for bikini areas because you can take them anywhere. You won’t be stuck next to an outlet. If you have a wet shaver that has an entire waterproof body, you can shave right in the shower. However they may not be the best electric shaver for a women’s pubic area because they tend to have less power than the ones that plug in. So you’ll have to decide which is more important, power or convenience.