Best Cordless Hair Clippers In 2018 Reviews

With more men cutting and maintaining their hair from home, it is worthwhile to discover what makes the best cordless hair clippers. Today’s market is flooded with products, making it hard to determine which device meets your personal needs.

We’ve been there ourselves and agree – it’s frustrating.

The reviews in this article aim to provide information about the top equipment available while also providing answers to the most common questions customers have. You can use this information to make an informed shopping decision.

What Are The Best Professional Cordless Hair cutting Machines?

Many products available today share design elements found on the best professional cordless hair clippers. No matter which brand or model you look at, the features we have written about are the ones you need to consider before purchasing any trimmer.

Even the best cordless hair clippers available won’t prioritize all these features, so you’ll need to find ones match your needs. At the end of the day, the best cordless hair trimmer needs to be used and not packed away.

How To Choose The Best Cordless Grooming Machines?

Battery Life

The most important feature on battery powered clippers is the life of a single battery charge. It is important to keep two things in mind when looking at the power source:

  • Consistent power – Trimmers should maintain a consistent power output throughout the entire cutting process.
  • How long it lasts – Each charge must last at least as long as a trimming session.
  • How long for a full charge – Shorter times allow users to get back to work sooner.

The best rechargeable hair clippers usually run on lithium-ion batteries that can last 40 – 60 minutes per charge.

Powerful Motor

The most powerful hair clippers will use one of these motors:

Magnetic – motors are fast, but heat up quickly. That makes them a good choice for hairstyles that are dry and thin. It is found on cheaper home designs.

Pivot – motors run slower while providing superior strength and stay cooler. Good for trimming thicker textures that are heavy or wet in nature.

Rotary – motors offer you a balance between power and speed, making them the best professional cordless hair clippers.

Blade Sharpening

Dull blades will pull as well as cut, so it is important to find a product with quality blades. Look for devices that come with carbon steel blades as they provide a sharp edge that lasts longer than other material.

Unless you want to replace blades often (or sharpen them yourself), look for self sharpening hair clippers. This feature not only keeps a sharp edge for each blade it will also maintain it. That can save you both money as well as time.

Rotating Head

Maintaining a clean look will require all of your haircuts are snipped consistently and evenly. That can be difficult with the contour of your head as well as its uneven surface. It can also be difficult to hold the trimmer at an even cutting angle when using it on your own head.

That is why rotating heads are important. 180-degree rotating heads produce clean-looking shorter cuts and are the best cordless hair clippers for a shaved head as well as layered designs.

Accessories & Attachments

To provide clean-looking trim designs and styles, you want to find a device with accessories similar to those found with a corded clipper. This will include:

  • Attachments – Guide combs (also called guards) should be included to provide cuts of predetermined lengths.
  • Maintenance Supplies – Including a brush allows you to clean built-up debris within the blade head. Lubricants are also a nice addition for maintaining blade and motor health on your portable hair clippers.

Durable And Safe

Any potential travel hair clippers worth their price need to offer a durable body. Try to find one with a heavy-duty casing that is capable of withstanding handling and heat.

A feature often overlooked is a device that is washable. Try to find a waterproof hair trimmer that allows you to rinse out debris between its blades.

Look for products backed by a warranty. This will not only cover unexpected issues, but also show manufacturer confidence in the design and construction.

Weight & Size

Lightweight hair clippers are a necessity, especially for those with limited arm flexibility or upper body strength. Trimming a few ounces can make all the difference here!

Even if your potential selection is lightweight, is it bulky? Keep in mind the design should not make cutting difficult at angles. Small hair clippers are easier to use. Products are often designed with ergonomics in mind for good reason. To provide a clean cut the design must prevent hand fatigue. Shop for ergonomic designs that provide comfort, like curved hair trimmer bodies for example.