Best Electric Shaver for Black Men in 2018 Reviews

We are sure you’ll agree discovering the best electric shaver for black men is a hard task. This skin has more issues with razor burn, ingrown hairs, etc. It makes it even more important to find a quality product that does not irritate in any way.

With our reviews and buying guide, it doesn’t have to be difficult finding the right product. In our article, we’ll discuss recommendations and provide a thorough buying guide. This way, you’ll understand vital aspects and features to think about before buying a product.

What is the Best Electric Razor for Black Men?

What is considered the best electric razor for black skin is dependent on numerous features. This includes durability, how close and clean it cuts, and more. Not all are made the same.

Meaning, some may require the best razor for black men with sensitive skin instead. Regardless, there are some key features that make the best shaver for black men that our review will help you find.

How to Choose the Best Electric Shaver?

Choosing the right product means understanding which important qualities it should have. We address those features below so you have enough information before selecting a product.

Charging method

When you’re looking at electric razor for black skin, focus on its charging method which determines its life. One that holds a long charge will generally give you more usage time.

Before purchasing an electric shaver for black men, understand there are a few different ways they can charge. What you choose depends largely on personal preference. Some have an automatic shut off feature when it’s fully charged, which can prolong its life preventing overcharging.

In addition, there are cordless and corded electric razors. Cordless grants freedom so it can be used anywhere, while corded ones are relegated to places with an outlet.

Good Motor Speed

Shavers’ motors are vital features concerning overall performance. You want one with sufficient speed so it cuts smoothly without having to go over more than a few times. Shavers for black skin especially cannot afford this as it can cause irritation. Faster motors equal a quicker, cleaner experience without pain.

Durable Blades

The best electric razor for black men is one that is built to last. Quality blades can lift even the most stubborn curly hair, giving you a closer, cleaner trim. Durable blades that lift hair are also able to prevent ingrown hairs from occurring. Alongside that, high-quality blades quicken everything so you can finish up after going over your skin only a few times.


Pop-Up Trimmer

If you seek a recommended best trimmer for black men as well, find a product that is designed with a pop-up trimmer. This offers convenience that you can fully groom your entire face, sideburns and all, with a single product. The best beard trimmer for a black man is one that not only handles your specific hair texture, but also has quality blades.



Type of Hair to Shave

Best electric shaver for black hair is versatile. There are wet and dry options in addition to combination models that can be used either way. A combination trimmer is the best shaver for black bald heads as it gives a grooming opportunity before or after showering.

Regarding stubborn ingrown hair, you require a specific product. Your skin and hair texture already cause complications with razor bumps along with other irritants due to having coarse, curly hair that’s more prone to being ingrown. The best shaver for ingrown hair is one that has resilient blades and provides a clean, close cut.

Easy Cleaning

If you want your product to not only last a long time, but also provide consistency, maintenance is important. These shavers  offer easy cleaning so the blades are always sharp and there are no traces of bacteria that can get in your skin. This can subsequently further irritate sensitive skin.

Not all blades are easy to clean, the best electric shavers for black men have an easy cleaning process. Some even have blades that are automatic to make the process even faster.